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How much does an architect cost?

To begin with, we note there is no simple answer to how much an architect will cost as an architect's fee will vary depending on the location, size and nature of the project, but we do provide a rough guide below.

Hisotrically the RIBA produced a recommended fee scale, which took the form of a graph and suggested a fee dependent upon the size and type of any given project. However, with a diverse range of designers and projects, this is no longer the case.

We generally provide a lump sum or percentage fee for most projects. This will be broken down into stages which follow the architectural design process. It's essential to be aware of this, as some practices entice customers with low starting fees, only to increase costs by adding fees later in the project.

So how much will an architect cost?

Typically, for a full architecture service (Stages 1 to 6), practices charge between 3% and 12% of the overall construction cost. We note, a lot of smaller domestic projects, don't often require Stages 5 & 6 which can then reduce the architect's fee by 30%.

But for those new to construction, gauging these costs upfront can pose a challenge. After all, how do you determine a percentage when you have no idea what the construction cost will be and how complex the project is?

That's where Jeffrey Jordan Architects can help you. We're happy to give guidance on this with our free consultation service or check out our page on estimated construction costs.


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